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5 Sales Email Subject Lines That Work

When it comes to sending a sales email, you must make sure that the subject line is catchy. Think of your sales email subject line as your first impression. You want it to be a good one, but you don’t want it to give you a bad look. With email becoming the preferred method of communication you can yield amazing results if done right!

Email subject lines that have the best results all have one thing in common. CREATIVITY! From my own experience with emails I find that my creative subject lines yield much higher open rates then my generic ones that people get hundreds of each day. Being original can make you stand out in a cluttered inbox so don’t be afraid to try something new. So, let’s talk about sales subject lines. What works and what doesn’t?

Why sales email subject lines matter

When doing cold sales email outreach, the worst possible thing that could happen is you go to a spam folder or they just delete the email without giving it a second look. You spend the time crafting the message in your email marketing software, but if it goes unnoticed, then what’s the point?. 

On an average day I receive roughly 100 emails. If the subject line doesn’t catch my eye or make me wonder, the first thing I do is delete it without ever thinking about it again. Some things I look for to decide if an email is worth opening are: Is this subject line spam? Does the subject line look misleading? My point is your subject line is your first and maybe only chance to land a potential customer so you have to make the most of it.

5 examples of sales subject lines and why they work

  1. Psssst! Hey [Name], I’ve got a secret to tell you
    This type of subject line is one of my favorites. First of all, it makes you wonder what this email could be about. It doesn’t reveal too much information about what you want and forces them to open the email to see what it is about. Secondly, using someone’s name in a sales email subject line can make people feel important. Personalized email campaigns are your key to getting the attention of your audience.
  2. Hey [name], how happy are you with [product/service]?
    Using a client’s name in your email, it empowers the potential prospect no matter whether it’s a welcome email or a check-in. Everyone likes to be addressed by their name in an email. It makes you feel important. The same applies to sales emails. The second part of this subject line is great as well because it asks the potential customer a question and can ignite a feeling of having to respond. Now that you have the reader feeling valuable and important, they have more of a reason to reach out to you and answer the question. Even if it is a no, it’s another point of contact that you didn’t have before. The fact that someone took the time to answer means they are somewhat interested and a little push can go a long way.
  3. Email marketing with A/B testing integrated
    Sometimes using a subject line with a specific feature of a product or service, such as a marketing automation feature, can be enough to get people to open your email. You never know who is going to be frustrated with something and you just happen to pop up with the exact solution. You can use social media to get this inside information. With social media being a great place to ask questions or express concerns, you can use this to help fuel your sales email pitches.
  4. How satisfied are you with [service or product from a competitor]
    Sales subject lines like this make a reader wonder. As most of us have experience you don’t love every piece of software you use and you wish your company would switch over. Using Sales email subject lines like this can yield great results when timed perfectly. With some market research you can identify when most companies’ software contracts are up for renewal. Once you identify this time frame it’s time to launch your sales attack! This can lead to a higher open rate because it is relevant to what is on their mind at that time.
  5. [Name] passed your name along to me
    When someone sees a familiar name they instantly think your email is more relevant. Just about anytime someone you know recommend something, you are more likely to trust that specific product or service. The same goes for sales emails. This sales email subject line is also short and sweet. Most subject lines that don’t show the full message will be sent to spam because it is not convenient for the reader.

In a nutshell, you always want to keep your subject lines short and sweet as an email marketing best practice. Always keep it original and relevant to the target audience. You can make your life much easier by using a CRM to help keep notes and stay on top of everything that has to do with that potential customer. Other products such as email template builders can really help give you a boost to the amount of potential customers you can reach out to and the quality of emails sent!