ClearSlide for Salesforce

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ClearSlide for Salesforce

ClearSlide for Salesforce provides real-time insights on buyer engagement and sales rep productivity across communication channels within Salesforce. Plug-and-play integration pushes data directly to ClearSlide (Lead, Account, Opportunity, and Contact) and automatically logs ClearSlide activities and customer engagement data directly into Salesforce. ClearSlide for Salesforce is Lightning ready and is the leading AppExchange app for content and communications for Salesforce customers.

Engagement Dashboards

With informative Engagement Quadrant (EQ) dashboards in Salesforce, drill into activity and engagement details to identify which opportunities are likely to close and prioritize deals that require additional coaching across sales stages. By quickly identifying deals at risk, leaders can forecast with more precision and provide deeper, more actionable insight.

Scale Email Outreach

Send email blasts to filtered lists of leads, contacts, accounts, or opportunities using approved email templates. Integrate ClearSlide engagement data to create custom lead views and targeted follow-up. Receive immediate notifications of email opens, forwards, and content clicks for instant email tracking. Email activity, content, and custom fields are automatically logged to Salesforce.

Meetings in Salesforce

Instant Meetings

Start online meetings from Salesforce and automatically log rich meeting recaps, details, and participant engagement data directly to contact, lead, opportunity, account, or case objects in Salesforce. Easily access recommended content in meetings for flawless customer interactions.

Mobile Engagement

Using award-winning ClearSlide mobile apps, field reps have access to recommended and approved content on-the-go. Automatically log activity and engagement data to Salesforce, improving data quality and presenting a complete picture of activities, content, and customer engagement from anywhere – even when offline.

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