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Supercharge the Way You Sell with ClearSlide for Gmail

How would your outreach change if you knew exactly who was interacting with your emails and what actions they were taking? Would you be bold and call out recipients by name for opening the email but not the content? Or play it cool and follow up to check in even though you know they’re checked out? Exciting new updates to ClearSlide for Gmail gives you all the information you need to strategically tune your outreach, whatever your method. Take informed action instantly with all the insights you need right in Gmail. 

ClearSlide for Gmail has been used for over five years by customer-facing teams to monitor email engagement, share trackable content, and log activities to CRM, but anyone that lives and breathes Gmail can benefit from the app. So what’s new in 2020? 

An Expanded Notification Center

Updated tracking technology means we can accurately tell you in real-time who opened/clicked/viewed what, no matter how many recipients you send an email to. Get instant updates when someone engages, and view a recipient-level breakdown of what they did. Never miss a beat and use easily accessible data to inform your next actions!

Aggregated Email Statistics

See summarized statistics like view and click rates aggregated by email. Use this information to get a high level understanding of how one of your emails was received, or compare the success of one email strategy versus another. In future updates to ClearSlide for Gmail, we’ll also be adding the ability for users to track responses to emails! 

Track All the Links!

Previously, users of the app could only track interaction with ClearSlide Links. We’ve expanded that tracking functionality to apply to any link you include in your email, so you can see what part of your email your recipients were most interested in. That way, you can better adjust your messaging strategy towards them in your next outreach!

Design Your Email The Way you Want

Multiple display options for assets and templates gives you greater variety and control over how your email will look. Keep it simple with a plain text hyperlink, grab your reader’s attention with a button or image, or mix and match!

But the perks don’t stop there. As a refresher, here’s all the benefits historically available with ClearSlide for Gmail:

  • Easily access ClearSlide’s approved content and template library
  • Find recommended content and email templates
  • Track emails and customer engagement
  • Instantly schedule and start meetings
  • Auto-log all email activity back to your CRM

… all without leaving your inbox. 

Give the New ClearSlide for Gmail a Try!

The app will be automatically updated for all existing users. Not a current user? No problem – download the app from the Chrome Store.

Wondering where to get started? Reach out to our Support team or your account manager to jumpstart your success with all the exciting new updates to ClearSlide for Gmail. Check out our Help Guide for more best practices. 

We built ClearSlide to help companies like yours to connect and build relationships with customers, and we love hearing about how you use our platform to drive business results!