Guided Selling

Robust recommendation engine guides stage-based content and next-step actions

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Guided Selling

Guided Selling is not about replacing or automating sales teams. It is about improving the effectiveness of sales reps by providing a robust content management and recommendation engine for content and next-step actions. Move opportunities forward, faster with one-click access to the recommended content and your next steps in the sales cycle. ClearSlide is the only platform that unifies content engagement across communications channels – email, online presentations, and in-person meetings – guiding sellers on the customer interactions that matter.

Drive to Next Actions

With “My ClearSlide” you have a powerful home screen and control center to take guided selling to the next level. Activity Cards recommend next actions based on real-time notifications and visibility into buyer engagement – from meetings, emails, campaigns, and content. Engagement analytics provides context to personalize follow up and where to focus.


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Promoted Content

Recommended Content

Content creators can recommend the right content “For You” at the right sales stage – so the best sales content can easily be leveraged from anywhere to guide buyers, including on mobile devices.

Role-Based Content

Group-based permissions set view and edit permissions by role and team – ensuring sales reps only see the content that is meant for them. Some teams will see scripted content, while others have flexibility to tailor. Tags and permissions are used to restrict confidential material to specific users and teams.

Role Based Sales Content
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Content Dashboards

Presentation and Slide Insights deliver usage, slide-by-slide analytics, and engagement rates across all communication channels (email, online presentations, and in-person meetings) to drive the content recommendations.

Test new sales content and get immediate feedback based on actual customer interactions.