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Decoding Buyer Signals to Accelerate the Sales Process

Navigating a sales opportunity completely blind to the prospect’s interests and intent can result in a lot of back and forth trying to understand what they need in order to close the deal, as well as time wasted on opportunities that will never close.

However, if you can gain visibility into their specific interests, and gauge enthusiasm without having to ask directly, you can reduce touches while still creating highly personalized interactions, and also quickly weed out uninterested prospects.

ClearSlide’s deep engagement insights can provide clues into a buyer’s line of thinking so you can respond with the most appropriate next steps, whether it’s to share content, book a meeting, or perhaps slow down communication to a few automated emails.

Below are a few ways you can use ClearSlide to uncover and interpret buyer signals, allowing you to focus on the right opportunities and accelerate your sales processes.

Gauge interest levels from actions taken with shared links

Did they open it right away? Did they revisit it several times? Or forward it to their colleagues? Has it been a week since you shared it and they have yet to interact? These are all indications of how keen they are to move forward (and are all, by the way, actions you can track in real-time using ClearSlide’s engagement metrics).

If they’re opening and sharing your links, call them while they’re looking at your content and you know you’re top of mind. If they’ve gone cold, consider reducing the time you spend nurturing the relationship.

Understand buyer needs with slide-level engagement metrics

Deals would move a lot faster if reps could read minds and deliver the answers as soon as their prospects and customers thought of the questions.

ClearSlide can’t help you read minds, but its slide and page-level engagement insights give you clues into their biggest interests so you can prepare for your next conversation. For instance, you share a proposal and they zero in on the section that describes your software’s security. Your next meeting you come armed with your company’s security expert to answer their questions, saving yourself from saying “I’ll have to get back to you with an answer” and adding another step to the deal.

ClearSlide also provides slide-level insights for online presentations hosted in its integrated web conferencing tool. The Meeting Recap feature displays participant-level engagement ratings based on time distracted (for example, checking their email while you’re presenting), at each moment and slide, indicating which topics they found most interesting. Include additional information on these topics in your follow up, alongside the meeting slides and recording, to answer their unspoken questions.

Know when they’re disengaged and try to bring them back

In person, it’s easy to figure out when someone isn’t listening to you. It’s much more difficult when meeting remotely. Thankfully, when you host a call with ClearSlide’s web conferencing solution, you are alerted when a participant’s attention has drifted. If you notice someone is distracted, especially a key decision maker, try asking a question or change the topic to re-engage them. This ensures that your meetings are productive, and that your prospects feel attended to.

Buyers are sending signals with every interaction – you just need the right sales enablement solution to uncover them. ClearSlide’s deep engagement insights help you navigate deals intelligently so you can focus on the right ones and close them faster.

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