Customer Success and Service Teams

Improve customer satisfaction with account-based insights and tailored engagement

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The Economist

Customer Success and Support teams play a critical role driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and expansion. The challenges are that few companies give their teams the right technology tools or access to the right content.

41 Percent of Sales Reps

41% of sales leaders cite customer satisfaction as a top concern

23% of all leads come from existing customer referrals

82% of companies don’t leverage service reps for upsell

LexisNexis Case Study

LexisNexis Case Study
See how LexisNexis improved customer satisfaction with ClearSlide

Research from Aberdeen Research, Accenture, CSO Insights, Forrester Research

Account-Based Views

  • Company Insight dashboards align sales, customer service, and support with a single view of customer by ensuring activities and customer engagement across all teams are automatically captured – and auto-logged to CRM.
  • Share detailed engagement analytics on each interaction from initial outreach through adoption across emails, online presentations, and in-person meetings.
  • Accounts can be transitioned with confidence with a full record of activity and engagement across the entire history of the customer relationship.

System of Engagement

  • Teams have access to a complete Sales Engagement Platform that puts content, integrated communications, and analytics at their fingertips.
  • My ClearSlide becomes the command center to drive more meaningful interactions with customers.
  • ClearSlide APIs can integrate seamlessly into your existing processes and workflows – whether it’s a custom CRM or Customer Success system.
  • Integration with Salesforce auto-logs activity and engagement data to the Case Object or custom fields in CRM.

Content Library

  • Teams have a single library for all the content they need – a single source of truth – to ensure collaboration and consistent messaging across the organization.
  • Managed content includes presentations, videos, rich media, email templates, PDF, and other file types.
  • Teams have full access to approved content whenever and wherever they are – in the office, on the road, and from any mobile device.
  • Product, Engineering and Services teams can collaborate to support the customer lifecycle.

Tailored Engagement

  • Users can switch on-the-fly between the content library, videos, high-quality screen share, and demos to support the varied needs of delivering customer on-boarding, training, and remote support.
  • Notifications and alerts provide real-time insight into customer engagement.
  • Know when and what the customer reviewed – using detailed slide-by-slide analytics to tailor follow-up training or support.