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Fighting Common Product Marketing Challenges Using ClearSlide

Sitting between product, sales, and marketing, product marketing managers get pulled in many directions, which presents challenges to productivity and effectivenessHere are some ways ClearSlide has helped me streamline my processes. 

Challenge 1: Keeping up with requests for custom decks and other content 

As a product marketer, the driving force behind most of my work is delivering the right message, to the right audience, at the right moment. Thus, when any customer facing coworker asks me to help them tailor a pitch deck to a prospect or customer’s specific needs, I naturally want to drop everything and assist. The problem is this system doesn’t scale. 

ClearSlide helps me manage these requests in a few ways. First, by enabling me to organize content into collections, not folders, reps quickly find content they need for specific solutions, personas, or industries. As one piece of content can live in multiple collections, the time-consuming search down folder tunnels in shared drives is eliminated. Second, they can mix and match content across different formats and types into one seamless customized presentation, without my assistance. And third, reps can add personalized text and image elements on their own – more on that in the next section. 

Challenge 2: Protecting messaging consistency across all prospect and customer channels 

I spend hours meticulously crafting messaging for products, features, solutions, personas, and more. So, it goes without saying (even though I’m saying it) that the worry that decks and other assets are being altered is very real. 

As I alluded to earlier, ClearSlide allows me to upload assets and add editable text and image fields so reps can insert things like their title, the prospect’s name and logo, or a list of pain points uncovered in discovery, and I can rest assured that my messaging will remain intact. 

Challenge 3: Refining product marketing tactics to increase productivity 

Product marketing teams are notoriously lean and focusing resources on the most effective tactics is key to staying productive. 

ClearSlide’s content and engagement activity insights help me understand what content is being used by reps and how, as well as what is performing best with prospects and customers.  

For instance, if reps aren’t using a type of content, I can investigate why. I might find out that they typically sell via live interactions with customers, and this type of content is too wordy for that scenario, so it is best to focus my time on concise decks and videos instead. I can also validate that reps having the most success are the same ones that are consuming content. 

Another example where ClearSlide is useful for refining tactics is with launch communications to customers. I can track engagement activity for announcement emails and links shared via social media which, over time, allows me to see which styles of communication and informational content are most effective at capturing attention. I can even A/B test different headers and social media blurbs within a launch to guide my future efforts. 

Challenge 4: Knowledge transfer and retention of information 

Another key responsibility of the product marketing function is informing customer facing teams about new products and features, evolving messaging and changes in the market so they’re armed with the latest knowledge. Most conduct live sales training sessions, but this method has its challenges: teams dispersed across different geographical regions, individuals working remotely as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and knowledge retention. 

ClearSlide allows me to host and record these sessions online so reps can tune in from anywhere or listen to the recording if they are unable to attend. And because most of the information is likely to be forgotten as soon as the session is over, the recording can also serve as a refresh tool when a rep needs to address that specific topic in an opportunity down the road.  

ClearSlide’s unique live engagement feedback tells me when attention is waning (i.e. people are checking their emails) so I can ask a question or use another tactic to bring their attention back. Engagement levels are recorded at the meeting and participant level and I can look for trends in this data over time to understand what’s working and refine my methods. 

Lastlyaddressing the retention issue, I can use the live meetings feature to record myself delivering a product value pitch and add it to ClearSlide’s Perfect Pitch Library where reps can quickly find it when they need to prep for a call. 

ClearSlide has helped me be a more productive and effective Product Marketing Manager. I hope these tips help you do the same!

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