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Ways to use ClearSlide to remove friction from your sales process and accelerate deals

In a recent post, I stressed the importance of creating a frictionless sales process to successfully closing deals in a timely manner. While that shouldn’t be a surprise, achieving it can be a challenge. I highlighted three key contributors that can delay or stop an opportunity dead in its tracks: bad timing, bad messaging, and bad outreach. 

In this post I will outline ways that ClearSlide can remove friction and help you close deals faster. 

Timing is everything 

… As the old cliché goes. To close a deal as fast as possible, waste as little time as possible. Even five minutes at the beginning of an online meeting, struggling with downloads can rob you of valuable time with your clients (and frustrate them in the process)ClearSlide has several features that can help you shave days, even weeks off your sales cycle. 

One-click, download-free online meetings 

As I mentioned above, nothing adds jankiness to a customer call like making them download and install software. ClearSlide’s unique download-free online meetings are hosted on your customizable URL (make it fun! Yes, is available). All they need to do to join is click!

Inconspicuous content search during online meetings 

Nothing kills momentum in a sale like the phrase “I’ll have to get back to you”. ClearSlide provides access to your full content library directly within the meeting interface and allows you to search out of sight of your viewers. Go ahead, ask a clarifying question while you find the perfect deck to diffuse that objection…  

Meeting record and share 

It’s unrealistic to think a customer will remember everything discussed in a meeting. ClearSlide lets you easily clip and share meeting recordings as links (not large video attachments that exceed file size limits) to help them recall key details. Additionally, its Meeting Recap tool provides engagement insights that indicate where participants were distracted during a call. Use this insight to reinforce what they may have missed in your follow-up, saving some back-and-forth. 

Real-time view notifications 

Strike while the iron is hot. Okay, I might be over-using the clichés today, but they exist for a reason. If a customer is viewing your shared content, reach out while you’re top of mind. ClearSlide alerts you of engagements in real-time eliminating uncertainty of when to follow up and saving time closing the deal. 

Best-time and spam checker 

Another blocker to deal progression is the ability to pass through filters and get your email opened. ClearSlide’s AI-powered Spam Checker ranks the likelihood that your email will get caught in spam as you compose and gives corrective guidance. The Best Time feature helps you increase opens by prescribing a time when the recipient is likely to be checking emails so yours appears at the top of the unread list. 

Understand interests and quickly address their needs 

Slide-level engagement metrics 

The sales process can be prolonged by endless back and forth addressing questions and objections. But as I outlined in my post on decoding buyer signalsClearSlide’s slide-by-slide engagement metrics, whether for content shared during an online meeting or via email, give you clues into buyer interests, so you proactively send them information or arm yourself ahead of your next meeting. Pair this with the real-time view notifications and contact someone with more information on a topic of interest WHILE they’re thinking about it. What more could a prospect ask for? 

Share videos to get higher engagement 

Seamless and trackable video link sharing 

No one has time to read your eight-page product brochure, especially when the value can be delivered in a 1-minute video. However, video attachments often exceed file sizes and provide zero engagement insights. ClearSlide lets you share video files with customers through a trackable URL for a frictionless viewing experience that you can measure. 

I hope these ClearSlide tips help you shorten your sales cycles. Happy selling!

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