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Introducing ClearSlide's Summer 2019 Release: What You Need to Know

It’s July and summer is right upon us – Fourth of July celebrations, community festivals in San Francisco, the latest Spiderman movie from Marvel… and most importantly, ClearSlide’s return to the scene with our Summer 2019 Release. Here’s an outline of the exciting new features included – and what they mean for you.


Mass Content Management

Easily manage your content by locking, assigning, tagging, and archiving en masse. 

For admins who manage their team’s content in ClearSlide, life’s about to get a whole lot easier! Mass Content Management allows you to effortlessly make changes to your content library en masse. Quickly take action on multiple assets, easily search for tags, and manage archived content. Use mass content assignment and permissioning to adjust access when projects or roles change. Use our Manage Content page to create a more organized content library, making it easier for your team to find the most up-to-date content.


Next-Generation AI-Powered Search Engine: IntelliSearch

Go beyond the traditional search of tags and file names. Use IntelliSearch for a full picture of available, relevant resources. 

Need to look for that one slide in that one deck you sent out last week – quickly? ClearSlide’s new IntelliSearch, an AI-powered search engine, now expands your search to the text within the content itself. Leverage IntelliSearch to scan your PDFs, PowerPoints, and email templates, and get relevant results in a matter of seconds.

Accelerate productivity and reduce the time you spend searching for the right content!

Enhanced Recommendation Rules

Recommend content for any combination of criteria from SFDC to highlight the best content for specific conversations. 

We’ve introduced expanded rules logic in our Recommendation Rules engine to help intelligently recommend content based on any situation. Mix and match requirements pulled from Salesforce fields and combine rules to recommend content based on any situation, no matter how nuanced. Sales reps are presented a tailored content list in Salesforce and ClearSlide based on the content most relevant for that customer, ensuring a more meaningful, tailored buyer experience.


New Meeting Recap

Introducing the new Meeting Recap page, designed to help you make the most of the meeting you’ve just had and prepare for your next one, with insights and analytics to reach new levels of productivity. 

We’re always thinking about ways to help our users make the most out of ClearSlide. The new Meeting Recap page has been redesigned with that in mind: to make it even easier to revisit and take action based on the insights from your last meeting.

It’s more than just a new look: we’ve added some exciting new features and enhancements! A new engagement graph surfaces high-value moment-by-moment engagement data in a compelling, visual way. Leverage the embedded recording playback to recall what you discussed with your client and prepare for your next sync-up. Use the new follow-up option to share meeting content with viewers directly from Meeting Recap. Take a look at who was the most engaged viewer during your presentation, prep yourself for the next meeting by revisiting what you shared on your screen in your previous meeting… and more.

Try it for yourself and let us know what you think!


Single Click Screenshare

Welcome to a world of single-click screenshare with ClearSlide – no extensions, no software downloads, just a click. 

Previously: Two additional steps

Now: Click and go!

ClearSlide Screenshare has always made it easy for you to share your screen in meetings, download free. Now, we’re taking that a step further by removing the need to add a browser extension. With ClearSlide, the steps are the same regardless of user or device: choose what to share and launch. Read more about it here!

Email Campaigns

Build email sequences to standardize customer messaging and automate follow up. 

Emails are your go-to tool for connecting with your contacts for a reason. They’re personal, let you tell stories, and invite a conversation. But they’re also easy to miss – and timing is everything in the selling process!

With ClearSlide Campaigns, we’ve made it easy for you to increase productivity with automated nurtures sent at time intervals you define. Now you can proactively build connections while also focusing your time on prospects that are actively engaged in your outreach efforts. Let ClearSlide take care of the day to day relationship maintenance so you can foster the conversations that really matter.


Wondering where to get started? Reach out to our Support team or your account manager to jumpstart your success with ClearSlide’s Summer 2019 Release. And let us know your feedback on our latest release by reaching out to us here


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