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Starting a Screenshare Just Got Easier…

We know how important online meetings and screenshare are for how you do business. ClearSlide Screenshare has always made it easy for you to share your screen in meetings, download free. Today, we’re taking that a step further by removing the need for a browser extension. Welcome to a new world of single click screensharing with ClearSlide!

You Asked – We Delivered!

Many of you have shared that you use our screenshare frequently and love the simplicity of the process. But from those of you using ClearSlide to see your customers’ screens, we heard a need for a quicker launch into those reverse demos. (Nothing kills the vibe like a slow start, we get it.) That’s why we set out to streamline the process by implementing a new screenshare with no extra steps to initiate.

Previously: Two additional steps…

Now: Click and go!

Be the hero your customers deserve and save them from yet another download. With ClearSlide, the steps are the same regardless of user or device: choose what to share and launch.

Ready to Get Started? Try it Out!

We want to make it as efficient as possible for you to have meetings with customers and prospects – whether that’s demoing your product, or collaborating on a document. Single-Click Screenshare is available to all users now in Chrome – try it out for yourself by starting a meeting today!

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