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May Product Round-Up

May was an interesting month – from Game of Thrones officially wrapping up (you’re not alone – we have lots of questions and feelings about the finale) to the highly anticipated arrival of a new royal baby. And hitting closer to home, San Francisco was reportedly colder and wetter than Seattle in May! But that means we’re more ready than ever for summer and warm weather, and that we’re coming out in full force with some exciting new product updates.

Here’s a quick look into what we released in May:

Single Click Screenshare

Previously: Two additional steps… 

Now: Click and go!

ClearSlide Screenshare has always made it easy for you to share your screen in meetings, download-free. Now, we’re taking that a step further by removing the need for a browser extension. First-time users and viewers can quickly start a screen share, no install needed! Select a screen, window, or tab (new!) and launch in seconds. Welcome to a new world of single click screensharing with ClearSlide!

Read more about single click screenshare in this blog post.

Increased Content Viewing Area

Larger content in meetings and links provides an immersive viewing experience. Content will resize automatically to fit width or height to maximize size without affecting the quality of the content!

Presentations in Salesforce Content Library

Got a customized Presentation for a specific customer or conversation? Now you can find it in your Salesforce Content Library, and jump seamlessly into any activity directly from the Account, Contact, Lead or Opportunity record in Salesforce.

Coming Up: July Launch

Next month, we’ll be dropping an announcement about our next big feature launch. If you’re interested in learning more, be sure to follow us on LinkedIn for updates in the coming weeks!

Stay tuned in a few weeks to hear what we’re releasing in June!


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