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ClearSlide and Sendbloom Partner to Increase Sales Velocity

clearslide sendbloom partnership engagement campaigns leadsWe’re excited to announce a new partnership and integration between ClearSlide and Sendbloom, a leading provider of Prospecting Automation Software that helps sales teams turn leads into opportunities.

According to industry research, sales reps spend an average of 440 hours per year searching for the right content to use during the sales process – and even when they find content, it’s often irrelevant, outdated, and difficult to use. The partnership between ClearSlide and Sendbloom resolves these challenges by seamlessly integrating ClearSlide’s robust content management and customer engagement analytics into Sendbloom’s easy-to-setup automated prospecting campaigns.

sendbloom content integration clearslide partners app campaign outreach

The integration ensures that sales teams can leverage the most impactful and updated marketing content tailored to prospect needs and sales stage, dramatically improving buyer engagement. With ClearSlide’s real-time notifications, analytics, and reporting, sales reps can more effectively connect with and focus on the most engaged buyers, helping accelerate the sales cycle. Marketing teams can move beyond sales usage data and gain direct customer insight into what’s working – and what’s not – so they can quickly refine campaigns.

To learn more about this the capabilities of this exciting integration, register for our upcoming webinar with Sendbloom.

ClearSlide’s partner program provides APIs and support to enhance sales enablement processes and applications with unique ClearSlide activity and engagement data. Using ClearSlide’s open APIs, developers can automatically upload content, insert unique trackable content links, and leverage robust customer engagement data into sales enablement applications. Partners or customers interested in ClearSlide’s partner program and API development kit can learn more here.