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ClearSlide and Aviso Partner to Improve Productivity and Forecasting

We’re excited to announce a new partnership and integration between ClearSlide and Aviso, a leading AI-driven forecasting and sales visibility platform that helps sales leaders and operations make critical revenue decisions.

According to CSO Insights, only 57% of sales reps meet quota. Despite an explosion in the number of sales solutions available, sellers are still struggling to predict and prioritize the deals with the highest probability of closing. The integration between ClearSlide and Aviso helps surface actionable deal insights, enabling reps to close faster and providing managers the insight they need to coach and course correct in real time. The integration amplifies the power of both platforms — insights from Aviso are complemented with ClearSlide engagement time to improve forecast accuracy and seller productivity by focusing reps on the deals most likely to close this quarter.

sales forecast accuracy aviso clearslide ClearSlide engagement time in Aviso forecasting module.

A large forecasting risk factor is relying on rep-reported data and manager intuition. According to Forrester, 94% of sales leaders lack confidence in sales activity data — and with 58% of forecasted deals never closing, it’s clear managers have poor insight into what’s actually happening. Using ClearSlide engagement data, leaders can drill into activity and engagement details to prioritize deals that require more resources, which ones are unlikely to close, and what deals need additional coaching across sales stages. This integration, available immediately, enables ClearSlide data to be used as an input signal for Aviso predictive forecast algorithms.

To learn more about how this integration can help improve forecast accuracy and seller productivity, check out the Aviso announcement or contact us at

ClearSlide’s partner program provides APIs and support to enhance sales enablement processes and applications with unique ClearSlide activity and engagement data. Using ClearSlide’s open APIs, developers can automatically upload content, insert unique trackable content links, and leverage robust customer engagement data into sales enablement applications. Interested partners and customers can learn more from ClearSlide’s partner program and API development kit.