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August Product Round-Up

Summer may be coming to a close, but the excitement doesn’t stop for ClearSlide. Last month we launched our next-generation AI-powered search engine, IntelliSearch, as part of our Summer 2019 Release, alongside other new features that empower our customers to continue to be power sellers. Even more – we got a mini spotlight on Forbes’ latest tips on employee compliance from our very own Head of Product. 

Take a look at what else happened last month in our August Product Round-Up:

Find the right email in your Salesforce Activity History

If you’re a customer on our Salesforce integration, you may have noticed that ClearSlide logs activity in SFDC differently lately. Tasks logged to Salesforce via Compose Email and our Email Plugins will now include the email’s subject line in the task subject. Pinpoint the right email based on the subject line and easily identify what the purpose of the email was.

Available in Beta: Email Tracking in Office 365

Take advantage of ClearSlide email tracking and see who opened emails sent from from your Office 365 inbox! You can also now log them to Salesforce, even if no content links are included in the email. Send a quick check-in to your prospect to see if they had feedback on that one proposal weeks ago and know as soon as they open it. 

Interested in giving this a try? Reach out to your Account Manager or our Support Team.

Available in Beta: View the number of downloads and copies on Assets

Get a quick look into how your content is being used internally, right from the Asset’s detail page. You can now view the number of times an asset has been internally downloaded (i.e. if it’s being downloaded for offline use or easy editing), or copied into other Assets. It’s an easy way to know whether a specific Asset is particularly resonating with your reps and accordingly adjust your content strategy. If an Asset  shouldn’t be downloaded or edited, lock the Asset so it can only be viewed or shared via ClearSlide. 

Interested in giving this a try? Reach out to your Account Manager or our Support Team

We’ll continue to roll out more updates like these in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for our September Round-Up.
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