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Orion Release: Transforming the Sales & Marketing Conversation

Back in March we released Polaris to customers. Polaris brought ClearSlide and Salesforce more closely together – via an update to our top-rated ClearSlide for Salesforce connector – surfacing contextually relevant content recommendations and engagement actions directly inside Account, Opportunity, Lead or Contact records. The feedback and engagement we’ve received from customers has been truly gratifying.

Well, we’ve been hard at work the past few months and I couldn’t be more excited to unveil the next major release to the ClearSlide Sales Engagement Platform, our Orion Release. Existing ClearSlide customers will see an in-product notification over the next several weeks that they’re now enabled with Orion capabilities. There’s a great product tutorial walk-through, daily online demos, and access to tutorials to ensure customers get the most from Orion.

Orion was expressly designed with Marketing and Sales Enablement teams in mind, and gives them the tools they need to empower Sales teams with hyper-personalized and connected content. My marketing team made me say that, and you may be wondering what that actually means.

If you’re responsible for enabling Sales teams with content that works, with Orion:

  • Your content assets can be organized and published in Team Collections that map to your sales process – by stage, playbook, vertical, territory, product line, etc.
  • You can publish one master version of an asset, but have it exist in multiple Collections (no need to decide the one and only folder it has to go into)
  • Those assets can be incorporated into custom Presentations, rapidly assembled by sales reps and easily shared via email or presented live in our amazing web Meeting experience or via our mobile apps
  • Updates to an asset will automatically propagate everywhere – all Collections and rep-created Presentations – so your customers always see the latest messaging, pricing, etc.
  • Content analytics reflect comprehensive usage and customer engagement insights from every email, every web and in-person meeting, at the asset and slide level

If you’re in Sales or Customer Success, with Orion:

  • You have a unified content hub where you can always find the perfect, up-to-date content with smart search, dynamic filters, and CRM-based recommendations
  • Personalizing content for your customer or prospect is as simple as point-and-click – choose your assets, order them, turn on/off slides, upload some custom content if you need to, and you’re ready to send, meet or save your Presentation for later use
  • You can create your own personal “pitch book” of custom Presentations and personal Collections, so you have the stories you want to tell ready to go, using approved content you know works
  • Anytime content assets are updated by Marketing, you get those updates in every Presentation and every Collection you’ve created so your stories are always up-to-date

If you want to learn more about what how Orion works and why it changes the game for Marketing and Sales Enablement, John’s blog post will give you what you’re looking for.

Polaris was huge and Orion is even more impactful. Wait until you see what’s next for the rest of 2017 – in fact, it is already in the hands of beta customers. Stay tuned…