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Guided Selling and Recommended Content to Improve Customer Engagement

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The Polaris release delivers value across the organization

Approved and Promoted Content

Marketing and Sales Enablement

For marketing and sales enablement, the Polaris Release guides sellers to the right content, tailored to an organization’s sales process.

sales insights

Sales and Operations Leaders

For sales managers and operations leaders, the Polaris Release provides new engagement dashboards and insights in Salesforce to manage team and individual performance.

Engagement Quadrant Dashboards

Sales & Services Reps

For sales and service reps, the Polaris Release delivers recommended content in context to drive more personalized account-based engagement.

Intuitive Sales Platform

IT Developers & Partners

For IT, Developers, and Partners, the Polaris Release offers enterprise-grade security and compliance, as well as new APIs to integrate ClearSlide into existing business systems and workflows.

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content management recommendations

Rules-Based Content Recommendations

Define and reinforce sales processes by creating intelligent rules to promote and recommend content by stage, industry, role and more.

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Contextual Content Deeply Embedded Within Salesforce

Discover and use approved and recommended content, drive next actions, and capture insights directly within the Salesforce user experience.

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managing content in salesforce
analytics in salesforce

Sales Team Engagement and Performance Insights

Sales Team Engagement and Performance Insights Dashboards and actionable insights to improve onboarding, identify and monitor performance trends, and deliver metrics-driven coaching.

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Solve the Content Conundrum

Watch this practical on-demand webinar to see how easily Polaris can put marketing approved content in the hands of sellers and guide them through the sales process.

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Guided Selling with Polaris - Webinar