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New G2 Crowd Report Names ClearSlide Content Marketing Leader

70% of marketers plan to produce more content this year than last. But according to CSO Insights, only 25% of organizations manage content effectively, and 80% aren’t measuring content ROI. This means marketing teams are pumping out more content without making it easy to use and customize or measuring whether it’s resonating with buyers.

Content Marketing solutions are used to optimize content from end-to-end — from creation to sharing and reporting ROI. A new report by software review platform G2 Crowd names ClearSlide the leader in the Content Marketing category. ClearSlide stands out for customer satisfaction (from verified user reviews), scale and market share, and global support and services resources.

For qualification in the category, vendors must:
– Provide features to create and manage different types of marketing content
– Include workflows and business processes to streamline content marketing activities, as well as promote collaboration among marketing and sales teams
– Allow users to share marketing content on multiple channels (web, social media, etc.)
– Target customer segments with personalized content
– Track content performance and customer interactions with content
– Optimize marketing content investment based on insights and recommendations on what content works best for which type of customer and/or channel

ClearSlide supports marketing teams at every step — from creating and tailoring content, delivering the right content at the right time, integrated end-to-end campaigns, to powerful analytics that improve ROI with actionable engagement data.

While ClearSlide drives content effectiveness and improves content ROI, it goes far beyond Content Marketing. It is the leading Sales Engagement Platform, with customers giving the platform rave reviews for its integrated content management capabilities, communications, analytics, and integrations.

To learn how ClearSlide can transform the way sales and marketing work, read reviews from our customers on G2 Crowd.