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ClearSlide's Vega Release Upgrades All Customer Interactions with Smarter Engagement and Content Insights for Sellers and Marketers

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, November 7, 2017 ‐‐ ClearSlide, the Sales Engagement Platform leader, today announced Vega, a major enablement upgrade to its sales engagement platform. Vega’s functionality helps intelligently accelerate sales rep online interactions with customers. It also equips sellers with CRM-based content recommendations to quickly personalize customer content to better engage contacts. Vega helps sales leaders and enablement teams better govern their sales processes, and offers marketers new dashboards that measure content performance and trends by sales stage, team, customer, and deal outcome – with real-time insight into how customers respond throughout the buyer journey.

ClearSlide’s Vega release also provides subscribers an even more intuitive, next-generation meeting experience with CRM-based content recommendations, speaker notes, real-time attendee engagement insights, interactive messaging and more – all auto-logged to the CRM system. Vega includes a new 3D Buyer Engagement capability that enables dynamic conversations around content shared with prospects and customers via email or social media. Powerful Content ROI dashboards reveal an organization’s most valuable assets and provide insights into what content is being used and what’s working with customers. The Vega user interface is easily personalized with any company’s logo, colors, and individual sales rep photos and contact information to ensure every interaction is a branded experience.

“Sales and marketing leaders can boost quota attainment by using integrated systems of engagement like ClearSlide to deliver strong value propositions, delight customers and earn their business,” said Dustin Grosse, ClearSlide CEO. “Vega brings critical new functionality to make every interaction successful and insightful, so customers have amazing experiences with sales and services professionals.”

Aragon Research estimates the market for Sales Engagement Platforms will grow from $800 million today to more than $5 billion by 2021. “Single-point enablement tools and CRM systems do not naturally help sellers identify and anticipate buyer needs,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research. “Sales Engagement Platforms that include guided content and selling capabilities help sales teams hyper-personalize content based on customer engagement. ClearSlide continues to lead and innovate with its Vega Release, and was one of the first to offer a complete Sales Engagement Platform.”

Vega’s next-generation meeting experience builds on ClearSlide’s market-leading instant meetings – deepening customer connections and making online interactions more personal:

  • New ClearSlide Meetings now powers more intelligent meetings with customers and prospects – CRM-based content recommendations, one-click access to the entire content library, and slide-level speaker notes make it easy to find and present the right content and ensure sellers stay on message.
  • Real-time Meeting Engagement provides everything needed to engage with buyers during critical interactions – with meeting notes, message threads, and attendee engagement auto-logged to CRM
  • Improved Integrated Audio Conferencing, now with ‘Call Me’ capability, makes joining the audio conference effortless – along with one-click recordings to ensure critical conversations are available for coaching and training.

Vega enables smarter conversations around content to help accelerate sales conversations and move deals forward quickly:

  • New 3D Buyer Feedback helps prospects and customers annotate and comment on content – powering dynamic conversations that give sales and marketing stakeholders real-time insights.
  • Enhanced Content Viewing provides full-screen content, and the ability to zoom in and out improves the viewing experience and helps amplify the impact of content.
  • Social Selling & Lead Forms capture viewer information however content is shared – via email, social media, and more – using unique lead forms and content controls to help navigate any organization.

Powerful dashboards in Vega reveal content performance and trends by sales stage, team, customer, and more – including deals won/lost from CRM – to measure the true ROI of sales content:

  • New Content ROI Dashboard uses Salesforce data to help marketing and enablement teams understand the impact content is having across the sales cycle – revealing the most valuable assets and helping improve content investments.
  • Enhanced Content Engagement Dashboard shows what content is being used and what’s working – dynamic filters let content owners drill in by type, tag, team, and individual.
  • Improved Account-Based Insights reveals what assets have been shared with specific accounts and individuals – and how they responded – to help tailor follow-up and guide next actions.

Vega allows companies flexibility to brand their ClearSlide experience to create powerful impressions for users, prospects, and customers:

  • New ability to Personalize Your Avatar puts a ‘face to your name’ with every interaction – your photo and contact information is shared with buyers at the end of meetings and content links.
  • New Custom Branding Options reinforce your company brand in meetings, content links, and the logged-in ClearSlide experience.
  • Refreshed User Interface enhances navigation and its responsive design improves the user experience – whether in the office or on a mobile device.

“Based on early customer feedback, our next-generation experiences for meetings and shared content links are a game-changer for sellers and marketers,” said Raj Gossain, VP product and design for ClearSlide. “The Vega release ensures sales reps use the right content that is always up to date – aligned with their sales process and the context of opportunities in Salesforce – to engage with customers more successfully across channels. The outcome for marketers is better insights and true content ROI.”

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ClearSlide is the Sales Engagement Platform leader. We make it easy for sales and marketing teams to find the best content, effectively communicate it whether in-person, on the phone or through email, and get insights into exactly how customers engage. At the end of the day, we help sales and marketing teams make every interaction count and create truly amazing customer experiences. ClearSlide customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger content ROI. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, ClearSlide serves over 2,000 companies with nearly 1 billion minutes of engagement from customers like Autodesk, Comcast, Expedia, Medtronic, Novartis, The Economist, Paychex, Thomson Reuters, Verizon, and more.

Powered by the Vega Release, ClearSlide is the system of engagement for sales, marketing and services teams that makes every customer interaction more successful. For managers and leaders, ClearSlide provides engagement dashboards to improve deal visibility, coaching, and stronger forecasting. For content users and creators, ClearSlide makes it easy to organize and recommend content tailored by sales stage, with next-step interaction suggestions. For reps, ClearSlide intuitively delivers content, communications, and real-time analytics in a single, unified Sales Engagement Platform experience. Visit for more information, or follow the company on Twitter @ClearSlide.