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ClearSlide's Summer 2019 Release Enables Marketing and Sales Teams with New Insights, Intelligent Search, and Boosted Productivity

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, July 25, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) ‐‐ ClearSlide announces its Summer 2019 update offering AI-powered search, deep analytics, and time-saving automation capabilities to create meaningful connections with customers that drive business success. Combining content management, robust analytics, and automation tools, ClearSlide® delivers a unified experience to help sales and marketing teams effectively engage buyers and deliver outstanding customer experiences.

“ClearSlide offers new intelligence to let you know if you’re connecting with customers and gives you the insight you need to build stronger, more personal relationships,” says Sergey Medved, Director of Product, ClearSlide. “This marks our latest major release in a series of updates designed to enable your sales and marketing teams to reach new levels of productivity, efficiency, and success.”

With extensive updates including expanded buyer engagement data and enhanced content recommendation capabilities, the Summer 2019 release enables teams to act on opportunities quicker and engage contacts effectively.

Locate the right content when you need it with new IntelliSearch, powered by Artificial Intelligence

  • Going beyond the traditional search of tags and file names, IntelliSearch scans content titles, tags, text, and even slide notes for a full picture of available, relevant resources. Reducing time spent sifting through documents, IntelliSearch pulls up PDFs, email templates, and PowerPoint slides in a matter of seconds.

Customize the buyer journey with tailored content

  • The enhanced Content Recommendation Engine suggests the right content at the right time to ensure a more meaningful, tailored buyer experience.

Maximize your meetings with expanded insights

  • Redesigned to provide a cleaner, more modern interface, the new Meeting Recap displays data in a visual way to help you quickly glean critical buyer engagement insights. Schedule and send follow up emails with meeting content in just a few clicks. Revisit calls with embedded recording playback to better prepare for future meetings.

Build deeper connections more efficiently with drip campaigns

  • Increase productivity with automated nurtures sent at time intervals you define. Use ClearSlide Campaigns to proactively build connections while also focusing your time on prospects that are actively engaged in your outreach efforts.

Save time with Single Click Screenshare

  • ClearSlide has always provided a download-free instant meeting experience for hosts and viewers. Now the platform goes a step further by removing the need to install a browser extension to share your screen.

Organize your content library quicker than ever before

  • Efficiently make changes to your resource library with new Mass Content Management for Admins. Ensure the most up-to-date content is accessible and lock, assign, tag, archive and change permissions on documents en masse.

ClearSlide easily integrates with the business apps you rely on, including Salesforce, Google, Outlook, Slack, and Microsoft Dynamics. To learn more about ClearSlide or get started with a 14-day free trial, visit

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