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Aragon Research Names ClearSlide Leading Pioneer In Digital Selling Report

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – June 8, 2016

ClearSlide, the Sales Engagement Platform leader, today was named a pioneering, best-of-breed provider in Aragon Research’s latest report – Digitize the Sales Force: Leverage Sales Engagement Platforms to Gain a Competitive Advantage. The report outlines how the business of selling is being won by teams who leverage integrated engagement platforms rather than disconnected point solutions to serve customer in our increasingly digital and always-on world.

Aragon Research forecasts that the Sales Engagement Platform space is on track to become a $5 billion industry by 2021, up from $780 million in 2016. Given strong market demand, hundreds of sales tools have been developed in recent years, with most supporting only a small part of the selling process. This leaves sellers with the difficult task of trying to knit disconnected tools together. ‘Sales Enablement’ has been a commonly used buzzword to describe these tools. A few companies, like ClearSlide, have pulled together full Sales Engagement Platforms (SEP) of integrated tools offering powerful new digital selling capabilities that empower sales, marketing, and services teams to unlock more value from their existing CRM investments.

According to Aragon Research’s analysis, companies are struggling with sales tool overload which has resulted in leading companies shifting to SEPs that help sellers better engage customers and prospects with compelling content, email, messaging, and real-time communications (phone, web, etc.). The best SEPs also provide real-time alerts when content is being viewed by customers and predictive analytics with deeper insight into the buyers’ journey. This report highlights that ClearSlide’s SEP offers a complete set of capabilities to streamline the selling process and is a ‘best-of-breed’ provider in this important industry.

“ClearSlide pioneered the shift to digital selling and as such helped create the category of Sales Engagement Platforms”

“ClearSlide pioneered the shift to digital selling and as such helped create the category of Sales Engagement Platforms,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst at Aragon Research. “Sales Engagement Platforms will transform the business of selling, and ClearSlide is one of the fastest growing firms in the SEP market.”

“We are honored that ClearSlide is highlighted as a leader in Aragon Research’s report for innovating and streamlining the business of selling,” said Dustin Grosse, CEO of ClearSlide. “Our team agrees with Aragon Research’s conclusions and is committed to offering the most powerful SaaS platform and evolving how ClearSlide subscribers leverage integrated content, communications, and analytics to exceed the expectations of their customers.”

The Aragon Research report confirms that importance of Digital Selling. Integrated Sales Engagement Platforms, like ClearSlide, answer the challenge of connecting and engaging with increasingly sophisticated buyers. The report offers guidance on how companies should retire old, legacy tools, such as isolated Web Conferencing, and invest in a more modern SEP to give their Sales teams the tools they need to succeed.

To view the full report, visit: this page.

About ClearSlide

ClearSlide is the Sales Engagement Platform leader that powers valuable, genuine business conversations and enables sales, marketing, and customer success teams to achieve better business outcomes. ClearSlide improves customer communications (phone, email, face-to-face) by providing real-time visibility and analytics for sales and marketing leaders. As a result, customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger customer-facing messaging. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, ClearSlide serves thousands of customers, including Comcast, LinkedIn, Medtronic, Rackspace, SurveyMonkey, The Economist, Thomson Reuters, and more.

The ClearSlide platform gives sales and marketing leaders ability to engage with insight by seeing the real-time activity of their teams and deep analytics about the types of content that ultimately is most impactful with customers. For sales professionals, ClearSlide allows for easy communication with customers and prospects, whether online or in-person, using ClearSlide’s web-based and mobile applications. Visit for more information or follow the company on Twitter @ClearSlide.

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