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451 Research: ClearSlide Leads the Way for Sales Engagement

SAN FRANCISCO – November 15, 2016 ‐‐ ClearSlide, the Sales Engagement Platform leader, today announced 451 Research has recognized ClearSlide in its most recent Impact Report: ClearSlide’s System of Engagement Complements System of Record. This report provides insights on why companies are shifting investment from traditional systems of record, such as CRM and ERP solutions, to more modern systems of engagement that measure how customers interact to help tailor next steps and boost sales effectiveness.

In this groundbreaking report, 451 Research describes how the sales enablement market is fragmented with more than a thousand vendors offering some form of sales intelligence, enablement or automation. Innovative, winning sales teams, according to the Impact Report, should leverage an integrated platform for real-time insight into how a seller can win deals with shorten cycle times. The best systems of engagement help ensure the right message is used with the right prospect at the right time, across all forms of communication, to enhance the buying process. The report highlights how ClearSlide’s integrated Sales Engagement Platform drives sales productivity by integrating content management, integrated communications and real-time alerts, and analytics with guided selling.

“451 Research accurately captures what we consistently hear from thousands of companies, tens of thousands of sellers, and hundreds of thousands of buyers leveraging our platform,” said ClearSlide CEO Dustin Grosse. “ClearSlide delivers improved sales results by creating amazing sales experiences that integrate content, communications and actionable customer insights through the single, most complete and intuitive system of engagement in the market.”

“Companies are shifting investments from traditional systems of record (ERP, SFA) to new systems of engagement, moving beyond simple activity tracking to deeper measurement of meaningful customer interactions,” said 451 Research Director Sheryl Kingstone. “ClearSlide is paving the way for a new approach to sales engagement with a platform that empowers sales and marketing teams. By capturing all mobile, in person, and web interactions across the entire customer lifecycle, companies can provide dynamic, two-way engagement that not only transforms the buyer-seller experience, but also delivers the critical data and insight used to improve sales effectiveness.”

ClearSlide’s new ION Release is the most significant update in the company’s history. ION provides a more modern, next-generation sales system for managing opportunities, teams, and individual reps based on real-time customer engagement data. It includes new Engagement Quadrant dashboards to quickly identify deals at risk, coach opportunities across sales stages, and offers actionable “next-step” insights to improve forecasting and business results.

ClearSlide ION also provides reps new “For You Content” with recommended sales and marketing content tailored for every customer interaction – from prospect to close. ION offers a re-imagined “My ClearSlide” user experience that puts customer content, communications, and analytics at the seller’s fingertips. ClearSlide is committed to ensuring easy, intuitive access to all aspects of its industry leading Sales Engagement Platform – including the ability to create and deliver personalized videos and multi-media content that breaks-through with prospects and customers.

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About ClearSlide

ClearSlide offers the most complete and open Sales Engagement Platform that integrates content, communications and actionable insights to improve business results. Customers achieve higher seller productivity, increased sales management effectiveness, and stronger content ROI. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in San Francisco, ClearSlide serves thousands of customers, including Comcast, Expedia, LinkedIn, Medtronic, Rackspace, The Economist, Thomson Reuters, VSP and more.

Powered by its next-generation ION Release, ClearSlide is the system of engagement for sales, marketing and services teams that makes every customer interaction successful. For managers and leaders, ClearSlide provides engagement dashboards to improve deal visibility, coaching, and stronger forecasting. For content users and creators, ClearSlide makes it easy to recommend content tailored by sales stage, with next-step interaction suggestions. For reps, ClearSlide intuitively delivers content, communications, and analytics in a single platform experience. Visit for more information, or follow the company on Twitter @ClearSlide.