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ClearSlide Brings Summit Media's Digital Proposals to Life

Summit Media, an industry leader in broadcasting, digital media, direct marketing and events

Summit Media offers businesses strategic resources and services by utilizing any and all media channels to create a strong presence in both local and national markets. Through their creative talent and progressive market strategy, Summit has helped digital media gain a foothold in today's world.

Trying to bring sophisticated digital media to life through paper

To accommodate the growing demand for targeted media in many formats (gifs, flash, and digital media), Summit's sales teams hit the streets to meet this need with their product and services. However, the dated practice of having to print and present paper proposals was holding back the forward-thinking company. Therein lies a predicament: how do sales members give potential clients the full experience of what these digital ads can do for their company with a paper proposal? How could Summit bring their digital media content to life in the field?

ClearSlide provides a positive experience for the client and an invaluable tool for the user

Summit Media's Digital Director of Sales Megan Malone and her sales team started using ClearSlide and were pleasantly surprised by the support they received from ClearSlide's customer service.

“They walked us through the product; she gave us great training in person. The customer service level was unparalleled. I've never experienced this before. It helped me sell this internally,”

Summit Media was not only encouraged by their results but also by the ease with which they were able to use the platform. Team members were soon using ClearSlide to bring their static ad content to life, impressing their clients along the way.

Site visits may be down, but closing rates are up

ClearSlide has become integral to Summit Media's sales process, going beyond the elimination of the paper proposal to increase seller engagement, presentation quality, and team productivity.

The sales team is now able to allocate their time and effort more efficiently by utilizing the analytics ClearSlide provides.

“We now have the ability to navigate quickly; take the clients' temperature; it's more than just presentation sharing. This helps us really gauge client interest. ClearSlide gives us confidence in our forecasts.”

This transparency has also proven to be an asset to Summit Sales managers like Megan, allowing them to keep track of their sellers even when they are always on the go.

ClearSlide Outside enables sellers to be completely mobile, getting them out in front of clients as much as possible while still being able to access all materials via ClearSlide in the cloud without losing the integrity of their content.

“All of our sellers look professional and cutting edge. If a client pulls you in a million different directions, you can quickly move to another presentation. You don't have to guess in advance what a prospect is going to ask you.”
-Megan Malone, Digital Director, Summit Media

By utilizing ClearSlide's platform, sales team members are always prepared to present rich data and graphics both in and out of the office.

Prior to using ClearSlide, Summit rarely pursued companies that they were unable to meet with face to face. ClearSlide enabled Summit to close deals without having to rely on in-person meetings, which subsequently led to a significant increase in revenue for the company. They are now seeking out and successfully closing bigger clients thanks to the ClearSlide platform.

Printing paper proposals was dragging down the team
Summit could not show digital experience of their ads
ClearSlide allowed reps to present rich digital media to customers
Team could pitch on the go with ClearSlide Outside
Increased seller engagement
Quality of collateral improved
Team productivity went up
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