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Rich Content is Effective Content - Even More Ways to Leverage Multimedia

Whether you are in Marketing or Sales, we’ve all seen the data that shows how interactive content, video, and other rich media outperforms all other content – with higher open rates and engagement. However, incorporating rich content, such as video, into presentations and then sharing those files can be challenging, time consuming, and error prone.

ClearSlide has always allowed users to easily create video and web slides, and we’ve now improved the user experience even more! ClearSlide now automatically converts videos, animations, audio clips, transitions, and hyperlinks embedded within PowerPoint and Keynote presentations into interactive web based content to captivate your customers.

Once the auto-conversion feature is turned on, content uploads recognized as rich content will automatically begin converting. While the conversion takes place, users can move on to other tasks like creating links, editing, etc. ClearSlide will notify the users via email when the conversion is completed.


To enable this feature for your organization please contact your account manager or