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Get Customers to use the ClearSlide for Salesforce App: My 2016 Sales Resolution


I started at ClearSlide last year with the responsibility for growing our partner ecosystem. My timing was fortuitous, and it’s turned out to be an excellent time to join the company as it increasingly becomes more partner-centric. A large portion of our ClearSlide customer base is already using Salesforce as their CRM system, and these customers want Salesforce to be their ‘system of record.’ This means they want to fully capture both sales activities and ClearSlide engagement data within Sales Cloud. Early on, ClearSlide had a simple connector to link the two platforms together. More recently there’s a fantastic ClearSlide for Salesforce app with amazing reviews available in the AppExchange.

My focus this year will be to grow the awareness and use of ClearSlide for Salesforce, getting feedback from customers, and working with my product and development colleagues to enhancing this leading sales productivity app. Based on surveys and discussions, Salesforce customers that use the ClearSlide for Salesforce app are seeing increased Salesforce user adoption and higher productivity. We have an excellent partnership with Salesforce and we look forward to taking that relationship to a new level this year.

My 2016 resolution is to get all of our Salesforce customers to use ClearSlide for Salesforce, and for the integration to get the industry recognition it deserves as one of the leading Salesforce integrations.