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ClearSlide Winter 2020 Product Launch: Delivering Data-Centered Email Outreach and Improved Content Feedback

Just in time for the holiday season, ClearSlide is excited to announce our Winter 2020 Launch. Over the past three months, the elves at ClearSlide have been hard at work building new features to make it even easier to strengthen customer relationships, engage prospects, and deliver value through meaningful conversations and effective content. 

Here’s a snapshot of what we’ve been up to!


Getting More Email Opens

No matter what industry you’re in, sales is essential to maintain or grow your business. One of the most effective ways to communicate with your target audience is through strategic emailing. In fact, independent analyst firm Radicati Research predicts that email use will top 3 billion users worldwide by 2020

But investing time and energy into increasing your email outreach is not enough. You need to be strategic in what you write, when you send it, and craft the right call-to-action. How can we help? Say hello to our new AI-powered Spam Checker!

Our Spam Checker takes a two-pronged approach to help our users email more effectively. As you create your email, Spam Checker will provide a score on your email content in real-time so you can optimize your messaging prior to sending. We’ll track delivery once sent, remove any malicious or invalid contacts and highlight these invalid addresses in your list. Use this information to clean up your future contact lists and help keep your email delivery reputation healthy! The more emails you send, the better it gets.


See Complete Engagement Activity in Gmail (Coming Soon!)

ClearSlide already builds on standard email tracking with the unique ability for users to view engagement data for content. We decided to dive in even further with our ClearSlide for Gmail plugin to provide greater value to our power users in Gmail. 

We know you want to know exactly which recipients are interacting with the emails that you send out and what actions they’re taking. That’s why we’re bringing you easy access to this information directly from your Gmail inbox. Thanks to a new, expanded notification center, you’ll now enjoy a complete view into aggregated customer engagement and email activity. Never miss a beat on who’s interacting with your emails! 

Here’s what you can leverage:

  • Sent Email, View, Click, and (soon) Reply stats aggregated by email. 
  • A list of assets and any link you included in your email – with how many views each one got. 
  • A breakdown by recipient of who viewed, clicked, and (soon) responded to your outreach. 

Even better – all of this information will be automatically logged back to your CRM and you’ll receive immediate alerts in your inbox!


Improve Collaboration with Social Commenting

There’s often a delicate relationship between sales and marketing

Marketers and content owners know that the sales team can provide a wealth of information, suggestions, and ideas on informing content decisions for sales-enablement and customer-facing materials. However, it can be challenging to know when to approach sales for feedback, or how to empower them to share their thoughts productively. Not only that, it’s often difficult to collect qualitative feedback for content, and there may be siloed communications on the popularity and effectiveness of content. Sales teams are also looking for content not just with approved messaging from marketing, but also validated by their peers. 

Are you manually gathering feedback from your sales force? Focusing solely on quantitative metrics instead of paying attention to qualitative feedback? Adding even more to your existing tech stack for a content management platform? 

We’re excited to take that work off your plate with Content Feedback! 

  • Share feedback for the asset right after the meeting – fresh from customer interaction
  • Create a dialogue between content owners and sales to fine-tune your content strategy
  • Receive email notifications  for tagged comments and replies and see who liked the asset
  • See how your content is resonating with your peers with aggregated stats in the Content Library


Ready to Dig Deeper?

Wondering where to get started? Reach out to our Support team or your account manager to jumpstart your success with ClearSlide’s Winter 2020 Release. And let us know your feedback on our latest release here!

Want to see our Winter 2020 Release in action? Schedule a demo with us today!