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Upload Your Powerpoint for a Stellar Online Presentation

Convert your Powerpoint presentation into an amazing online presentation, fast. Upload your powerpoint file to ClearSlide and it will convert it into a cloud-based customizable presentation you can access from anywhere, including your mobile device.

Add, remove, replace, and re-order slides from your presentation easily for the ultimate in control unlike when you convert powerpoint to a PDF. You can even upload different file types into a presentation, including video and audio files for the ultimate in flexibility.

You may be asking why you would want an online version of your Powerpoint presentation:

  • Easy Access from Anywhere – Our Cloud-based application can be accessed from any connected device, or downloaded for offline and in-person presentations
  • Gather Viewer Analytics – See who is viewing your presentation and what slides they are engaging with
  • Customize Your Presentation in Real-time – Skip slides, jump around, even screen share seamlessly
  • Highlight Slides with Pointers and Notes – Call attention to important facts and figures with pointers and annotations, even gather notes and feedback from attendees durring and post presentation
  • Record your Presentation – Record your presentations audio and video for review or training purposes

Upload your Powerpoint for the ultimate online presentation – give it a try with our Free Trial today!