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Customize ClearSlide To Your Brand

ClearSlide is designed to fit your sales process. Our leading Sales Engagement Platform allows organizations to deliver the most amazing buyer experience, leveraging branded elements in combination with the highest level of security – whether you are communicating in online meetings, emails, or in person. This post describes three of our most useful features to reinforce your company’s branding – Welcome Slides, Email Footers, and Branded Links.

Welcome Slides
Even before the magic of your meeting begins, ensure your viewers are amazed by the experience. Tailor the “Welcome” Slide that your viewers will see before the meeting to fit your sales process and brand. Welcome slides can be set for the entire organization or customized for different teams, products, or campaigns and promotions. For detailed instructions on how to set up Welcome Slides check out this tutorial in the ClearSlide Help Center.

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Email Footers
ClearSlide empowers users to hyper-personalize emails based on engagement analytics and tailor messages to exactly what buyers care about. At the same time, organizations can set corporate standards by applying a company or group wide footer that appears on outbound emails sent from either ClearSlide, ClearSlide for Outlook, or ClearSlide for Gmail. Include company name, address, or tagline and messaging. Email footers can also be used to share legal, privacy, or subscription information. To set up email footers, go to My Account, Organization or Group Tab, and scroll to the Custom Branding section and click on the edit button next to Email Footer.

Branded Links
ClearSlide users know the power of asking prospects and customers to “hop on my link” to instantly start meetings and share the richest content. Organizations have the option to brand this meeting link. There are 3 important benefits of the secure and branded domains used for ClearSlide Instant Meetings.

  1. All branded domains are secure. With https:// support we ensure all communications between the browser and the branded viewer’s link are encrypted and secure.
  2. You can directly link to your domain. We do not redirect to when prospects and customers join your branded viewer’s link.
  3. Subdomains are supported. We now support subdomains off of a customer domain, i.e. if your domain is we now support making it more personable and directly associated with your company domain. This functionality extends to support a unique meeting link for sub-brands, teams or product lines.

Secure and branded domains complement the access controls and compliance features available once meetings begin (including access codes to join meetings, meeting recordings and notifications, and “roll call” to capture attendee details).

To learn more about these features, reach out to your Account team or contact