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Our Latest Product Updates: Enhancements to Email, Content Management, and Insights

ClearSlide is committed to continuously improving our Sales Engagement Platform. Every week, we add new features and updates to help our customers around the world deliver amazing sales experiences. Here are some of the latest improvements and what they mean for you.

Send Emails Blasts to All Contacts in a Salesforce Account
We’ve made improvements to the ClearSlide email experience that make it simple to send email blasts to all contacts associated with a Salesforce Account. In Compose Email, click “add all contacts” to reach every contact associated an account. This is a great way for sales, support, and account managers to send product updates or other announcements to all known contacts at an account.

product update email blast prospecting salesforce blast lead account record object

Improved Email Deliverability
ClearSlide now includes support for DKIM, SPF, and SMTP email authentication — helping ensure your emails don’t get caught in spam filters. Learn more about our recent improvements to email deliverability here.

Mass Tagging
Enhancements to tagging features make it even easier to improve content discoverability. Tags can be tailored based on sales stage, role, industry, or any other category you choose. Now, you can tag content en masse. From the content search page, simply click the checkbox next to the decks you want to tag, click the “Tag” button at the top righthand corner of your screen and select the tag you’d like to apply to this group of content.

product update tags content management

Easily Add Meeting Details to Gmail and Google Calendar
New buttons in ClearSlide for Gmail make it simple to copy your meeting details into an email or an event description in Google Calendar. In your Gmail inbox, click the “copy meeting info” button and paste it into the body of an email. In Google Calendar, create a new event — then click “add ClearSlide Meeting” to automatically populate the description with your meeting details.

product update insights filter engagement data sales engagement

New Filter Options for Improve Customer and Team Insights
Additional filters for the Customer and Team Insights Dashboards in ClearSlide give you new ways to visualize critical activity and engagement data. Leverage filter views (such as yesterday, last 90 days, previous FQ, FY to date) to improve account visibility, team performance management, and coaching. These same filter views are also available in ClearSlide for Salesforce.

product update insights filter engagement data sales engagement

Do you have feedback on these new updates or ideas to make ClearSlide better? Let us know!