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New Help Center!

Hi ClearSliders,

We’re excited to announce that the new Help Center is officially here! As a company that strives for exceptional customer support, we want our new Help Center to be a valuable resource that provides our users access to everything they need to get the most out of ClearSlide.

You’ll find FAQs, how-to articles, video tutorials and sign up information for our online training – all aiming to deepen your understanding of the ClearSlide platform.

Handy Search Bar

To make it easier for you to search within our Help Center, we built in a handy search bar that quickly helps you find what you’re looking for. If you enter a keyword that is related to an existing article, relevant article suggestions will automatically appear in the dropdown.

No matter the level of experience you have with ClearSlide, we have a variety of valuable resources in our Help Center to assist you!

Getting Started

The Getting Started section on our Help Center is created to help those using ClearSlide for the first time, whether you are an end user or an admin. We’ve created two sections – “I’m a User” and “I’m an Admin” with content tailored to either role. Each section includes detailed articles that help you understand the various features of our platform. In these articles, you can find product screenshots and videos to help you visualize the new workflows you’re learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions from our customers. Here you can find them grouped by category and click in to each one to view the answer. As shown in the first GIF in this post, you can also search for the answer you’re looking for by entering a keyword in our search bar, which then provides relevant suggestions. Both search methods will help you find what you’re looking for!

Platform Training

As a ClearSlide user, you have multiple individuals – from your account manager to your customer success manager to our product team – working to meet your needs and constantly improve your ClearSlide experience. We are making Platform Training accessible in the Help Center to further enrich your educational experience. You can sign up for Online Training to help with your mastery of the ClearSlide platform. You can also find a list of training videos in the “I’m a User” section, each of which dives into a different capability of the platform.

Coming Soon: Product Updates

You may notice that the Product Updates section is currently under development, but not to worry – we’ll be adding more content here in the near future. We’re always introducing new features and product enhancements, and this section will help you keep up with the latest and greatest ClearSlide functionality. Be sure to check back soon!


The Help Center is just one way our Customer Success team is working hard to ensure you have the resources that you need to be successful with the ClearSlide platform. To access the Help Center, click the ? icon next to your initials in the top right hand corner of your ClearSlide environment.