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Organize Your Work Quickly with Mass Content Management

Easily manage your content via locking, assigning, tagging, and archiving en masse. No more manually changing the settings for each piece of content!

Marketers, we know you’re tasked with creating all the content that sales is asking for, and ensuring that all assets are up to date. Mass Content Management allows you to quickly and effortlessly make changes to your content en masse. It’s simple, fast, and thorough – think of Mass Content Management as your new best friend. You’ll love this time-saving feature that helps you take multiple actions on numerous pieces at once to have an organized, clean library. 


“I love the mass tagging feature in Manage Content. It makes it really easy to add tags to assets at one time.” – Content Specialist, Major Health Tech Company


Content at Your Fingertips

Get a full view into your ClearSlide content library with Mass Content Management. You can quickly and easily make changes to multiple pieces of content at once in one view of your library.

  • Easily filter and search by file type, content owner, created date, etc.,
  • View all tags and Collections associated with any piece or group of content,
  • And view all archived content!


Streamlined Content Management

Make updates to any number of assets at once, including changing owner, applying tags, adding to a collection, etc.

Mass Content Management is here to help you keep your content library organized and updated. Using the Manage Content page, you can quickly take mass actions on content, such as tagging multiple assets at a time, to get content into the field faster. Filter for and easily archive unused or out-of-date assets en masse so users only see the best and most relevant content. Even better, no need to worry about content disappearing with employee departures – simply mass reassign the owner to another group or individual.


Maintain Control Over Your Content

Assign content use and edit access to individuals or groups en masse.

Add an extra layer of security to your content. Mass-lock content to prevent internal users from downloading or making copies, ensuring the content is used as-is. You can also share content at scale; leverage granular permissions settings to ensure that the content is shared with only the users or groups it’s relevant for. Select any number of assets and quickly adjust these permissions to enable or disable access as content needs change.

Want to archive an entire quarter’s worth of files? You can now do that with just a few simple clicks. After cleaning up your content library, reps and content users can easily view only the most up-to-date content.


We’re excited to introduce this feature to help you with content inventory and management in ClearSlide, creating a one-stop shop for content owners’ needs.

Start mass-managing your content with the Manage Content page and let us know what you think! This feature is available by default for all admin users, but access to the page can be turned on for any user by enabling access in Group-Based Permissions. If you need any tips to get started, read the Help Center Guide, or reach out to your Account Manager or Support!

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