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Template Tuesday: Using Email Templates to Drive Productivity and Alignment

Using email templates is one of the fastest and easiest ways to improve the effectiveness of email outreach. Creating email templates not only speeds up communication but also ensures messaging and content are optimized based on testing and feedback. The impact on rep productivity is dramatic — using ClearSlide templates, the Sacramento Kings reduced proposal writing time by 90%. And because ClearSlide captures robust engagement data on every outreach (email open, slide by slide view time, and more), you can iterate on templates based on how buyers respond to make them even more effective.

Creating email templates is one thing, but getting reps to use them is another. At ClearSlide, we run “Template Tuesdays.” Each Tuesday, our marketing team sends an email to our sales and services teams highlighting a new template — often, about an upcoming event or a fresh piece of content. Reps can tailor it for their prospects or use it to send out their own email blasts. Best of all, our marketing and sales enablement teams analyze data from each template to help improve strategy. Which reps use templates most effectively, and how can we scale best practices? How are templates being customized for different customer segments, and which slides are resonating with prospects? When’s the optimal time for reps to promote an event (complementing marketing campaigns) to generate the highest registration?

Template Tuesday directly improves rep productivity and outreach effectiveness, and also helps keep marketing, sales, and services aligned on what’s most important — whether it’s the latest product update, an upcoming event, or a new piece of content.

Creating email templates in ClearSlide is simple. Watch this video tutorial to see how easy it is to get started!