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Unlock Intel From Customer Calls to Improve Sales Performance, the Buying Experience, and Your Product

Customer calls contain a wealth of information that can support different functions of an organization in different ways, so it makes sense to record them to reference later or share with colleagues.  

Not only can you record meetings hosted on ClearSlide, its meeting recap feature provides a deeper understanding of attendee interest, lets you quickly playback recordings to find key moments, and clip and share short segments that make it easier to absorb useful information. 

To inspire you, here are a few examples of information contained in customer calls and how different roles benefit from transfer of this knowledge. 

Sales managers: Have you ever heard a rep absolutely kill it delivering a pitch? They’re selling value that addresses the customer’s pain points and pivoting perfectly from questions about competing solutions. Share recordings of these best practice examples to coach other sellers on your team. This coaching practice helps reps improve their selling techniques and rewards top performances to boost confidence. 

(Keep a look out for ClearSlide’s Perfect Pitch Library launching at the end of May that lets you store all examples of best practice pitches for your sellers to quickly reference.) 

Sales reps: If you have an upcoming sales call that colleagues will be joining – a sales engineer for example – share clips of previous meetings to help them understand the customer’s unique needs so they can prepare how they’re going to describe the solution and anticipate questionsHaving everyone equipped with the right knowledge creates richer buying experiences for customers. 

Product marketing managersIf you’re a product marketing manager like I am, you often interview customers to uncover insights into their challenges and value they’re receiving in order to develop personas and targeted messaging. I always record these calls so I can share juicy client intel like unique use cases and product feedback with the product team. This valuable customer intel helps them build a solution that truly meets their needs. 

Sales coaching, delivering top notch buying experiences, and intel collection are just a few examples of functions that benefit from information contained in recorded customer calls. I hope I’ve given you a few ideas to implement knowledge sharing best practices at your organization. 

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