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Sales Intelligence Amplified: How the ClearSlide and Gong Partnership Benefits Revenue Teams

We’re excited to announce a dramatically improved integration between ClearSlide and Gong! Companies that use ClearSlide as their sales enablement platform and Gong for revenue intelligence can now combine their data to maximize revenue attainment. 

Revenue teams use Gong to capture and understand every customer interaction, enabling business leaders to make decisions based on data instead of opinions. With these interactions and insights linked together with their conversations, revenue teams are enabled to realize their full potential. 

But there was a missing link. Sellers must review their meeting engagement data in ClearSlide, and go to Gong to manually search for the exact call recording to dig deeper into the conversational analytics. Users also didn’t have a way to capture conversations from ad hoc calls – only scheduled ones on their calendars. Could we help our customers operate more efficiently by combining their engagement data with the results they achieve that are seen in Gong? 

Today we’re thrilled to share several new updates that we’ve built for the integration:

Capture Every Customer Interaction

Got a customer that wants to jump on a call with you out of the blue to get more information on your offering? Want to be able to capture all the details from that ad hoc sync up?

With ClearSlide and Gong you’ll never miss an important moment. Record and capture every ClearSlide call or meeting, whether it’s ad hoc or planned. Give your reps the ability to host easy-to-join ClearSlide meetings on the fly. Whether your meeting is scheduled weeks ahead or hosted spur of the moment, we won’t miss a beat.

Identify What Content Drives Deals Forward

See how participant engagement evolves over the course of your presentation. Combine visual and conversational data for unmatched insights to help you understand what content and talk tracks close more business.

Find the Exact Conversation

Want to revisit certain parts of your conversations that resonated most with your customer? ClearSlide and Gong can identify all your critical moments in your meetings. Analyze moment-by-moment meeting engagement data and understand what content and talk tracks are most engaging. Understand where the key moments are and map these key moments to your talk track in Gong to understand how what you said and what you shared impacted your conversation. 

With ClearSlide and Gong, there’s no missing pieces. Enjoy access to your complete content library, host dynamic live meetings, and pair visual and conversational engagement insights to accelerate deals and find coaching opportunities. Drive efficient and effective sales motions with more complete data than ever before!

Want to see this integration in action? Schedule a demo with us today!