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ClearSlide Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation!

ClearSlide Celebrates 10 Years of Innovation!

Hello everyone:

Today we’re recognizing an exciting milestone in ClearSlide’s evolution. Ten years ago, ClearSlide pioneered the sales enablement space by introducing a new way for companies like yours to connect and build relationships with customers. As we mark this important anniversary, we’d like to share our vision on what’s coming next.

In the years since ClearSlide made its debut, the need for our solution has kept growing. Buyers are more sales savvy than ever, likely doing their own deep research even before your sales rep reaches out. It’s never been more important to keep your engagement high and your content on target. We’re proud to help our customers with this challenge every day, and our team will tell you, it’s been an incredible journey. 

ClearSlide started out as the trailblazer who defined sales enablement as a new category. Since then, we’ve introduced a long list of innovations, most recently in our Summer release that leveraged the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to make huge strides in Intelligent Search and content recommendations. As AI continues its ripple effect across the industry, our team recently presented a session at the SES 2019 conference where we explored the possibilities this leading-edge technology is bringing to sales. Interest and excitement for the session was palpable and looking forward, we’re thrilled to lead the industry in new areas of AI-powered selling. 

With our upcoming Winter release, we’re committed to supporting your sales excellence with innovative ways to facilitate effective email outreach as well as improved content feedback mechanisms to boost discovery and collaboration. And as we look down the road, our heavy investment in AI will unlock even more opportunities to grow your business and drive success. 

Our entire ClearSlide team is dedicated to providing you with the powerful communications and real-time insights you need to deliver exceptional marketing, sales, and support experiences. This passion has been in our DNA since day one. We’re grateful to all our customers for this exceptional first decade and honored to have you join us for the next.

Thank you,

Patrick Nichols