Each team that sees a demo of ClearSlide is immediately asking when can I get this and how can I get it rolled out…it’s becoming a standard platform, or standard product, within a salesperson’s toolkit within Demandforce.

Norm Happ VP Go-To-Market at Intuit Demandforce

Demandforce is an automated marketing and communications software that automatically syncs with your management system and created effortless marketing.


  • The sales toolkit was out of date and inefficient
  • There was no way for the sales team to assess lead quality

An antiquated toolset is no longer making the cut

When Demandforce’s growth suddenly came to a halt, internal teams began to look at their systems to see if they could identify any problems. What they found was an old fashioned toolset that was resulting in a long sales cycle of 21 days, and this wasn’t going to create long-term success for the company.

“I was working with about 35,000 leads with a small team of about 20. They needed to really figure out how to reduce their average selling days through distinguishing the best customers with budget from the customers that actually were not really, truly in the consideration set.”

In addition, the Intuit sales teams were not supplied with the tools necessary to determine which leads should be pursued and which should not. After identifying the need for a new set of tools, the next step the team needed to take was to find one that would be easy to get sales teams excited about using.



The ease of the ClearSlide platform

“This gentleman from ClearSlide gave me a call and told me he had a great solution for me to take a look at, and of course I told him that I was incredibly busy. He said well just go to this URL very quickly, and within literally 10 seconds, I was staring at his desktop and I was really intrigued by the power of what we could do with ClearSlide.”

This practicality and excitement led to the quick adoption and implementation of ClearSlide within the Demandforce sales teams.


  • ClearSlide alerts allowed sales team to know which leads were interested in the product


Producing more units in less time

Initially, Demandforce introduced ClearSlide to a small team of sales people and they were instantly impressed with the sales engagement platform.

“We found that other reps were collecting around their desks, watching them do demos, and seeing the power of how they interacted with the customers in a whole different way.”

As a whole, the platform offered many new selling tools that Intuit sales people could use to close more deals.

“It wasn’t the voiceover from the rep; they weren’t articulating verbally the merits of the product; they were able to demonstrate it directly with the customer. Their conversion rates were higher than the rest of the team, and they really delivered awesome results that everybody else wanted to replicate, and it became viral within the office…all of our sales reps wanted to get onto ClearSlide as quickly as possible.”

Because of the great success of the ClearSlide platform, Demandforce wants to integrate the platform into other sales teams.

The integration of ClearSlide into the Intuit sales cycle is a prime example of the ample opportunities with this sales engagement platform. The implementation of ClearSlide is a key decision that a sales leader makes that can have immediate strong impact on the sales cycle, as seen with the Demandforce teams. The virality of the product is unique in that it gets sales people excited and adoption rates are extremely high for teams across industries.

  • Conversion rates increased dramatically
  • Average selling days decreased by 60%


Demandforce prides themselves on their ability to provide small businesses with services that improve traffic and sales. Their integrated system helps provide tools that improve communication with customers and expand their network marketing.