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Content Impact

Move beyond simply measuring usage activity or email opens to assess content effectiveness. Instead, track meaningful interactions with content – how long customers spent engaging with slides, by channel, by customer, and even by sales rep. Recommend content by stage, by customer-facing role, and by industry.

Use Content Engagement Dashboards to understand performance rankings of slides and presentations, and leverage channel-level metrics to quickly adjust content, messages and campaigns that most resonate with customers. ClearSlide helps marketers build engaging, data-driven content that is easy for sales reps to find and use, and delivers the customer analytics needed to optimize Content ROI.

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Sales Content Hub

Provide sales teams with a single source for all sales content assets –with an integrated library of sales presentations, marketing collateral, videos, and email templates, and tools. Mobile apps deliver offline access so that reps can access their sales hub and work from wherever and whenever they want – even when offline.

Right Content, Right Time

Ensure content isn’t just delivered, but actually used – at the right time, channel, and sales stage. Guided Selling ensures content creators and our recommendation engine can recommended content for you by sales stage, field role, or industry – and set access permissions for specific inside and field roles. Ensure that sales reps always have access to the most relevant and up-to-date content and tools.

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Interactive Content

Easily create and deliver interactive content that improves open rates and creates more engaging presentations. Move beyond static presentations, including personalized and marketing-approved videos, audio, animations, GIFs, and other rich media.

Analytic Dashboards

Slide and Presentation Insights allow content creators to understand what’s working and what’s not, both in aggregate metrics and slide-by-slide – so they can quickly tune content and have real impact.

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