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Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I go to log in to ClearSlide?

You can find the login page here.

How do I view a presentation?

If you have been sent a ClearSlide content link, you can access the content at any time by opening the link. Some content links have expiration dates set by the sender; if your link is expired, please contact the sender for access.

Why do I see a black screen/connecting message when I try to view a presentation?

You will see a black screen/connecting message while the presenter launches a screen share. Initialization can take a few moments, but if it takes longer than 20 seconds, the presenter might be experiencing issues starting their screen share. For helpful tips on starting a screen share, click here.

How do I join a meeting?

You are not required to log into ClearSlide or install any software to join a meeting. Simply go to the link provided by the presenter. Meeting links should follow the format ‘’ or ‘’ When you join the meeting, you will see the presenter’s default welcome slide until they are ready to begin presenting content.

How do I upload a piece of content?

There are three ways to add content to ClearSlide. The simplest way to upload a piece of content is to click the blue upload button at the left side of your screen. You can also scroll to the end of the “Recent Content” section of your “My ClearSlide” tab and use the “Click here to upload” section. The quickest way to upload content is to drag your file straight into ClearSlide.

I was sent a ClearSlide link but it says the meeting is full, how do I access this meeting?

Meetings have a maximum capacity set by the ClearSlide license a presenter owns. If a meeting is at capacity, please contact the meeting organizer. They can record the meeting and share the recording once the meeting is complete. To update your ClearSlide license, please submit a support request, or visit our contact page.

What file types does ClearSlide support?

ClearSlide supports most file types including PowerPoint, Excel, Word and PDF files. Video can be uploaded in MP4, AVI, MOV and QT with support for most commonly-used codecs. You can find a full list of supported file types by clicking the blue upload button in your navigation bar on the left.

Where can I find my meeting information?

You can find your meeting information by logging into ClearSlide and navigating to the “Home” page and “My ClearSlide” page. Your meeting information is displayed at the top right-hand corner of the screen. If you are in the midst of a meeting, your meeting link will be displayed at the top left-hand corner of the screen. To see your conference line number and access code, click “Call Info.”

How do I access help content?

You can find help by logging in to your ClearSlide account and clicking on your name in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen which wil display a menu where you select “Help & Feedback”.

What are the system requirements for ClearSlide?

ClearSlide is a browser-based application. The latest versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, and Edge all support ClearSlide. Please note that Internet Explorer 10 and below are not supported.

Does ClearSlide integrate with Dropbox, Box, or other cloud storage solutions?

ClearSlide can import content directly from Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Salesforce Content and Sliderocket. You can configure this integration in the “Storage Setup” menu on the “My Account” page which is accessed by clicking on your name/e-mail address at the bottom left of your screen.

How do I sign up for an online ClearSlide training?
What versions of can be integrated with ClearSlide? Professional edition or above can be integrated with the ClearSlide platform.

I tried to reset my password, but it says my account is disabled. What do I do?

This means your internal ClearSlide admin has disabled your account. Contact your ClearSlide admin to have your account reactivated. If you do not know who your internal admin is, please submit a support request and we will send you their contact information.

I tried to reset my password, but I didn't receive a password reset email. What do I do?

If you haven’t received a password reset email after 5 minutes, check to see if it landed in your junk or spam folder. If the email isn’t there, your company’s email security settings may be preventing you from receiving emails from ClearSlide. Ask your IT team about “whitelisting” emails from, then try again.

I tried to log in with my email address, but the password field disappeared and said,

Your team uses Single Sign-On (SSO) to log in to ClearSlide. Please click “log in with Identity Provider” and enter your SSO credentials.

How do I make changes to my account?

You can update your account information by logging into ClearSlide, clicking on your name at the bottom left-hand corner of the screen, and then opening the “My Account” page. Please note that ClearSlide admins have more settings options.

How do I get an account if my company already uses ClearSlide?

To get an account, please submit a support request with your information and we will route your inquiry to your company’s Account Manager.

Does ClearSlide support languages other than English?

ClearSlide does not currently offer non-English versions of the platform. However, support for multiple character sets for uploads and downloads is available (e.g. uploading a CSV of email addresses or downloading an Analytics report). The settings for file encoding can be found on the “My Account” page.

I tried to join an existing team in ClearSlide, but I have not received activation instructions. What do I do?

If your internal ClearSlide admin has chosen the setting “only create accounts after admin approval,” you will not receive activation instructions until after they have approved your account. Please reach out to your ClearSlide admin for more information. If you do not know who your internal admin is, submit a support request to ClearSlide, and we will send you their contact information.

My trial has ended. What do I do now?

There are two ways to upgrade your account. You can either call our sales team at 877-360-3366 (choose option 3), or you can submit a ClearSlide support request. If you submit a support request, an Account Manager will reach out to assist you.

How do I cancel my account?

To cancel your account, please submit a support request. An Account Manager will reach out to help you close your account.

Who do I contact if I have a question about my account or billing?

Please submit a support request. We’ll connect you to the team who can best assist you.

How do I get a copy of an invoice, receipt, statement, or credit card charge?

Please submit a support request. We’ll get you the billing-related records you’re looking for.

How do I view or update my billing information?

ClearSlide admins can view existing billing information on the “Billing Information” tab of the “Admin Only Options” portion of the “My Account” page. If you need to make a change to your billing information, please submit a support request.

Don’t see your question listed here? You can contact us anytime via our contact page, or by making a support request.